The Hollars

Premise: A man returns to his small hometown after learning that his mother has fallen ill and is about to undergo surgery. In addition to dealing with a bankrupt father and crazy brother, he has to come to terms with his pregnant girlfriend wanting more from him that he can give

Review: This was a simple movie with a heart warming plot.  John Kraskinki's portrayal of a confused and downtrodden John Hollar is good but Margo Martindale, Richard Jenkins and Sharlto Copley stole the show as members of his dysfunctional family. The soundtrack to this movie is perhaps the biggest star.  I shazamed during the movie no less than six times.  Each song was a perfect selection as the movie backdrop.  

Ratings: Two Glasses of Wine 

Director: John Krasinski

Stars: John Krasinski Margo Martindale, Anna Kendrick  Charlie Day,