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  • Deborah Elias

The Duchess Review

In what is supposed to be a cheeky British comedy, a single mom played by Katherine Ryan tries to raise her daughter in London while wondering if she should have another kid (and the absurd reasoning for wanting it).

Based loosely on Ryan's real life, in which she gets pregnant in London and ultimately raises her proper British child there, this 6 episode series is pretty bad. The only redeeming factor are 1) her very stylish, hippy, vintage clothes and 2) the fresh acting by the precocious Katy Byrne who plays the daughter.

The plot line is raunchy and frankly quite tasteless. I love Ryan's comedy and have watched several of her specials (so I had high hopes for this show), but this just makes her look awful and I kinda hated her, especially the way she treated a very nice man who just wants to love her. I did like the ex husband played by Rory Keenan and the best friend played by Michelle de Swarte but really that was it.

Even though it was only 3 hours for the total season, I drudged my way through hoping it would get better. I am giving this 4 bottles of wine.

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