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The Morning Show: Review

Ten Things I Hated About The Morning Show 

So because I got a new iPhone and got a year free of Apple TV, I decided to break down and watch the morning show. I had heard such good things about it and since Jennifer Aniston won a Golden Globe I thought it would be good. That much to my dismay, I actually kind of hated it and these are the top 10 reasons why.

1) The inconsistency of the timeline.  Alex’s party was on a friday night but somehow they woke up and it was Sunday.  And that most of the show took place during night time or dark hours - did they people ever sleep?

2) Reese Witherspoon's, as Bradley Jackson and ridiculous accent going from complete Southern drawl to only kind of Southern drawl. And her hair and her clothes and her out of place father drama. 

3) AND Every single time her character said “I'm so sorry” made me cringe. I made a drinking game out of it and got very drunk. 

4) The warning at the beginning of two episodes saying that it was graphic or very violent of which it was neither.  It didn’t make any sense.  

5) The relationship between Alex and Mitch (played by Steve Carrell, whose acting was actually pretty decent) - and you were supposed to believe that she loved him that much as a friend that she had to leave her own party to go be with him - BUT just as a friend. 

6) And then speaking of the party, the horrendous song between Alex and Cory.  It was unnecessary and I think was only put in so people could think “wow” Jennifer Anniston can actually kinda sing. 

7) The stupid fight between Alex and her daughter.  Not for one second did I believe the daughter actually cared and had a hard time figuring out why she was so upset when we lived in a boarding school and never saw her parents anyway.  She's 15 years old for God's sake. 

8) In general, I couldn’t stand Cory’s character played by Billy Crudup (whose sexy voice I actually love but I digress). I mean I got trying to make him a quirky character but he was just plain odd. Many scenes like his reviewing a pilot or walking in the park with Bradley we're out of place and just didn't need to be used. 

9) I hate Jennifer Aniston face when she cries and she did….ALOT.

10) Overall the entire plot line.  It was inconsistent, constantly going back and forth.  Tried to make you think Mitch was a predator when he wasn’t, the girls had affairs with him that lasted. Or they went to hotel rooms and did not protest and then reaped the benefits of it after. He was just a scumbag.  Huge difference.

Five glasses of wine or 1 star, which means I had to get drunk and with my point in #2, I got really really drunk.

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