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  • Deborah Elias

Unorthodox: Limited Netflix Series Review

Based on a true life events, this beautiful limited series from Netflix was a revelation into the life of a young Hasidic Jewish girl and the married life she is forced into and ultimately escapes. On the day of a religious event, Esty decides to flee Williamsburg and go to her mother, who lives in Berlin. The series goes back and forth between what she is doing in Berlin and the young musicians she befriends trying to make a new life for herself and the reason why she fled the oppressive life with her young husband, Yanky, played by Amit Rahav. Shira Haas’ unbelievable depiction of the young woman will surely garner her many Emmy nominations. The gorgeous scene where she symbolically releases her old life by taking off her wig and swimming in the lake was a perfect example why. And her gut wrenching song at the serie’s end is a scene stealer.

Another note worthy performances is from Jeff Willbusch who plays Moishe, Yanky’s cousin cum prodigal son cum outcast who sets off with him to Berlin to bring Esty back. He grips with the modern life he has lived of gambling, drinking, and smoking and wanting to be accepted back into the family’s good graces.

The very detailed and methodic rituals, such as preparation for marriage and teaching Esty how to be a proper wife, were impeccably portrayed and choreographed.

I devoured this series in one afternoon and was honestly sad it was only 4 hours long.

I am giving it half a bottle - or 4.5 stars.

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